The Testament of Professor Dowell 1984
The film is based on the popular science-fiction novel “Professor Dowell's Head” by Russian writer Alexander Belyaev.

Professor Dowell is a scientist toiling in a secluded laboratory in the tropics. He’s been conducting experiments on animals in a quest to find the secret of immortality. Dowell, it seems, has nearly reached his goal, but is killed in a car accident.

Dowell’s uppity assistant Dr. Korn caused the accident, and is looking to use the professor’s discoveries for his own diabolical ends. This he does by severing Dowell’s head and keeping it alive through state-of-the-art methods developed by the professor. Korn also utilizes a Dowell-created mind probe he hopes will divulge his master’s secrets.

Meanwhile, Professor Dowell’s grown son is prowling the area, convinced his father’s death was no accident...

Director: Leonid Menaker
Cast: Olgert Kroders, Igor Vasilyev, Valentina Titova, Natalya Sajko, Aleksei Bobrov, Nikolai Lavrov, Aleksandr Porokhovshchikov, Ernst Romanov, Boris Tsymba, Pyotr Shelokhonov
Country: Soviet Union
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction

DVD9 | PAL 4:3 | 01:26:26 | 6.22 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Russian, English, Francais
Subtitles: Russian, English, Francais, Deutsch, Italiano, Espanol, Portugues, Nederlands, Hebrew, Svenska

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