The Triple Echo 1972
It's Britain during World War II and Mrs Alice Charlesworth (Glenda Jackson) has been living alone, except for her pet dog, in her isolated farmhouse since her husband was captured by the Japanese and is now a prisoner of war. One day, she confronts a soldier from the local army base walking across her land, and they strike up a friendship; he is Private Barton (Brian Deacon), and he hates the army. Soon, he is spending all of his free time with Alice, and when he receives a few weeks' leave, he forgets about visiting home and moves in with her. Then he makes the decision that will lead to tragedy for them both - he will desert and stay with her...

The Triple Echo is a moving drama about war, love and loneliness. Apted's directorial debut is both warm and disturbing. The brutality of the battlefield is played out in rural England. The two young leads are brought together by a sense of isolation, loss and camaraderie. Their almost fairy-tale existence is shattered by the entrance of the malevolent and monstrous sergeant.

Director: Michael Apted
Cast: Glenda Jackson, Oliver Reed, Brian Deacon
Country: UK
Genre: Drama, War

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Language: English
Subtitles: English

• A Matter of Life and Death (2019, 14:48 mins): director Michael Apted reflects on his feature debut and its place within his prolific career
• Identity Crises (2019, 28:52 mins): actor Brian Deacon recalls his first film role starring alongside Glenda Jackson and Oliver Reed
• A Different Perspective (2019, 24:33 mins): editor Barrie Vince recalls shaping and structuring the film
• Dressing Up (2019, 08:56 mins): costume designer Emma Porteous on the challenges of recreating an authentic wardrobe for The Triple Echo
• The Emotion of the Moment (2019, 8:02 mins): composer Marc Wilkinson discusses highlights from his score
• A Sense of Justice (2019, 22:42 mins): an in-depth appreciation by author and film historian Neil Sinyard
• Super 8 version: original cut-down home-cinema presentation (19:14)
• Original theatrical trailer, edited by the legendary Jean Fouchet (03:28)
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