The Vanishing Legion 1931
In the Oklahoma oil country, seasoned wildcatter “Happy” Cardigan (Harry Carey) has contracted with the Milesburg Oil Company to bring in an well for a percentage of the profits, and has sunk all his savings into the project. Unfortunately for him, said project is being plagued by two different outlaw bands: the followers of a mysterious criminal called The Voice, and The Vanishing Legion–a group of night riders commanded by local rancher Stevens (Philo McCullough) and oil-company secretary Caroline Hall (Edwina Booth). The Legion and the Voice’s gang are also both bent on tracking down fugitive Jed Williams (Edward Hearn), who’s charged with murdering Stevens’ brother, the original owner of the Milesburg oil fields. In order to save his oil well, Cardigan must find out who’s really responsible for the Stevens murder and unmask the Voice, while also fighting off attacks by the latter’s henchmen and by the Legion; he receives valuable aid from Williams’ young son Jimmy (Frankie Darro) and from Jimmy’s horse Rex, a ferocious and deadly wild stallion who allows himself to be ridden by no one but his youthful master.

Directors: Ford Beebe, B. Reeves Eason
Cast: Harry Carey, Edwina Booth, Rex
Country: USA
Genre: Action, Western, Adventure

DVD9 | NTSC 4:3 | 12 chapters (220 min) | 7.24 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: none