Thomas Brasch Filme
Thomas Brasch was born in England in 1945, one year before his family moved to the area of the future GDR. After graduating from high school and serving in the East German army, Brasch questioned state authority on several occasions: Consequently, he was forced to quit his journalism studies for his "existentialist beliefs". In August 1968, he was removed from the Babelsberg film school, arrested, convicted to 25 months in prison for distributing flyers protesting the invasion of Czechoslovakia, Brasch’s prose, poetry and theater plays remained unpublished for the most part or were prohibited immediately after their premieres. When it became obvious that a West Berlin publisher intended to release a collection of short stories ("Vor den Vatern sterben die Sohne"), the rebel was allowed to move to the West where he settled in the Western part of Berlin. In the following years, Brasch received both public and critical acclaim for novels such as "Kargo". His Plays "Lovely Rita", "Lieber Georg", "Rotter" or "Mercedes" were performed at leading German theaters. In addition, Brasch wrote the script to and directed the films "Engel aus Eisen", "Domino" (with his former partner Katharina Thalbach) and "Der Passagier" ("Welcome to Germany", with Tony Curtis). In 1987, he was granted the prestigious Kleist prize. In 1999, he reclaimed his position as one of the foremost German authors with his novel "Madchenmorder Brunke" alongside several theater premieres.

3 x DVD9 | PAL 4:3 | 381 min. | 6.25 Gb + 7.57 Gb + 7.36 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Deutsch (Nederlands on Mercedes)
Subtitles: none (Deutsch on Mercedes)
Genre: Crime, Drama, History, War

Engel aus Eisen: Berlin, 1948/1949. The town is divided into two sectors. The world is close to World War III. West Berlin is kept alive by the biggest airlift in history. While the city is deadlocked, three teenagers set out to fulfil their dreams: Volpel (Hilmar Thate), ex-executioner, receives secret information from Police Headquarters. Gladow (Ulrich Wesselmann), 17 years old, wants to be like Al Capone. Lisa Gabler (Katharina Thalbach) dreams of buying Berlins biggest revue venue the 'Friedrichstadt Palast.' But suddenly, the droning of the airplanes ceases? Based on a true story from the times of the 'Berlin Blockade'.

Thomas Brasch's Domino opens with glimpses of the Kurfurstendamm shrouded in snow, scenes of Christmas bustle. Lisa, a successful actress at the Schiller Theater, drops off her daughter at the Bahnhof Zoo and faces the presentiment of holidays to be spent alone. In the week to come, her life will come unraveled, her taken-for-granted security called into question. An undercurrent of the inexplicable and the unexpected will grip the artiste and ultimately sweep her into oblivion. Domino focuses on a woman living in abeyance.... Everywhere she turns the past seems to be on her trail: she confronts visions of her deceased mother (also an actress) while thinking of her own daughter. She learns that the director Lehrter, who seeks to engage her to star in his comeback production of Goethe's Stella, may very well be her father [and learns also] of his internment in a concentration camp. Encounters on the street irritate and befuddle her. Passersby speak of mass unemployment, worry about pending war, and wander about sobbing, disoriented and confused....

Mercedes: In a universe in ruins, devastated by machinery, two young men revolt and get lost in space and time.

Der Passagier: A renowned U.S. film director sets out for Germany to shoot a documentary four decades after the war, but it's hard for him to stay focused: he's haunted by his memories as a Jewish Hungarian prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp. The more he confronts his past, the heavier the toll of his trauma.

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