Top Boy (2011 – 2013) 4 x DVD The complete first and second season
All episodes from the first and second series of the gritty British crime drama following a gang of drug dealers in Hackney, London.

In the first series, after receiving a loan from Bobby Raikes (Geoff Bell), Dushane (Ashley Walters) and Sully (Kane Robinson)'s drugs business thrives, enabling them to lead a rich lifestyle. Their situation takes a dark turn, however, when their rival, Kamale (Scorcher), steals their stash and violence breaks out amongst the gangs. Meanwhile, 13-year-old Ra'Nell (Malcolm Kamulete) becomes inadvertently involved in the drugs circle after his mother is taken into hospital.

In the second series, Dushane has worked his way to the top but finds he has an enemy in his one-time associate Sully who now has a new ruthless crime partner. When their common nemesis Kamale is found dead both Dushane and Sully fall under suspicion. Meanwhile, 15-year-old Ra'Nell is lying low with the district youth squad trials fast approaching but his friend Gem (Giacomo Mancini) is unable to do the same.

4 x DVD | PAL 16:9 | 377 minutes | 20.2 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Series 1 Episode 1
Thirteen-year-old Ra'Nell finds he has to "step up and be a man" when his mother Lisa has a breakdown and is hospitalised. At the same time his mum's friend Heather, enlists his help in a dangerous plan she has concocted to give her unborn baby the chances she never had - "even if it means doing one wrong thing to get to the right place."

Series 1 Episode 2
Dushane and his partner Sully find themselves hugely in debt to Raikes and under increasing pressure to retrieve their stash from Kamale. Elsewhere, the terrifying consequences of Dushane's ambitions begin to spill into the lives of his family. Lisa is still in hospital but showing signs of improvement. She is allowed a day release, and pins all her hopes on a reunion with her son Ra'Nell. Unbeknown both to her and Ra'Nell's guardian angel Leon, he has been recruited by Heather to help run her secret project.

Series 1 Episode 3
In the penultimate episode Dushane and Sully know that time is running out to find Kamale and repay their debt to Raikes. Obsessed with finding out whether there's a grass within their own gang, Sully instructs fellow gang-member Dris to intercept his prime suspect: Ra'Nell's best mate, the hapless Gem. Ra'Nell turns to Leon to help Gem, bringing Leon into further conflict with Sully.

Series 1 Episode 4
Dushane's loyalty to his hot-headed accomplice and best friend, Sully, is tested to the limit when he discovers him openly carrying a murder weapon. With the police out in force and their situation spiraling out of control, Raikes offers Dushane a monstrous solution to all of his problems. Meanwhile Ra'Nell, inveigled into protecting Heather, decides to negotiate directly with Dushane over the price of her crop, which draws him further into a catastrophic series of events triggered by Sully's duplicity.

Series 2 Episode 1:
A year has passed and Dushane is still the Top Boy, engaging in large scale drug smuggling with the older Scotsman Joe and using street-wise kid Michael as a courier. However the police discover Kamale's body and arrest both Dris and Dushane. They are visited by lawyer Rhianna Parkes, who gets them released and whom Dushane takes out for a drink. Meanwhile Ra'Nell is approached for help by Gem, whose marijuana plants seem to be dying, putting him in debt to Vincent whilst Ra'Nell's mother, hair-dresser Lisa and Gem's father are perturbed that their rents are being.

Series 2 Episode 2:
Gem's father Mustapha tells him he is planning a move to Ramsgate where shop prices are cheaper but Gem feels compelled to stay and work out his debt to Vincent by drug running for him. Caught shop-lifting with drugs on him Michael tells the police they belong to Dushane. He also tells them that Kamale was killed in a house where Kayla Thomas once lived. Released with a caution he says none of this to Dushane. Dushane himself, now having sex with Rihanna, visits Joe in hospital and learns that the drugs were stolen by an Albanian gang. Sully and Mike are summoned byprecautionary break from dealing drugs, and go on a shoplifting spree. Disastrously, Michael is arrested and placed under intense questioning from police. Ruthless entrepreneur Vincent forces Gem to skip school and deliver drugs for him, while Ra'Nell's mother Lisa is shocked to learn that developers plan to buy every property in the street.

Series 2 Episode 3:
Rihanna tries to persuade Dushane to go straight and introduces him to two property developers looking for investors. After visiting the dying Joe he considers the proposal but asks her to represent Kayla, charged with perverting the course of justice and assisting in Kamale's murder. Rafe launches an armed attack on Sully's flat to rescue Jordan, killing Mike. Sully asks Dushane to intervene to help him, the deal being that Sully joins him in recovering the drugs from the Albanians. Gem's latest drug delivery goes wrong when the recipient turns nasty and steals the ...

Series 2 Episode 4:
Rihanna is appalled when Dushane asks her to tell Kayla to keep quiet about his involvement in Kamale's death or else he will kidnap her son. She manages to get Kayla free and takes the heat off Dushane but ends their relationship in disgust at his ruthlessness. Lisa seeks Dushane's help in sorting out Vincent and Dushane goes to see him. However, before he can do anything Mustapha, who has learned the truth from Gem, stabs Vincent in the leg. The next day he and Gem move to Ramsgate whilst Lisa also prepares to move on with Ra'Nell. Dushane and Sully and their gang.

Series 1:
-- Interview with writer Ronan Bennet
-- Behind the scenes
-- Interviews with the cast
-- On location of Top Boy
Series 2:
-- Behind the scenes
-- Filming on the Top Boy set
-- Interviews with Ashley Walters and Kane Robinson
-- Shooting the action

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