Ungfruin goda og husid / The Honour of the House (1999) DVD5
Two sisters, daughters of the parson of a small municipality, lead their quiet lives in the north-west of Iceland. Puridur (Tinna Gunnlaugsdottir), the eldest, is a woman in her forties. She is married to a well-off man from the Capital and her main concern is to lead a showy but honorable life. She is a control freak holding power over her entire household. Rannveig (Ragnhildur Gisladottir), the youngest, is the exact opposite in everything, from physical appearance to outlook on life: she has no interest in marriage or possessions; she is rather into making it on her own. Thanks to her almost saintly kindness, she is a favorite of the local country folks.
Worried about her future after she turns down the umpteenth suitor, Rannveig’s family sends her abroad to Copenhagen to study, in the hope this can make her come to senses. Here the young woman meets her sister’s former lover, a middle-aged actor with an invisible wife and the carefree attitude of the tombeur de femmes. From this point on Rannveig’s life—and her family’s as well—is upset forever.

DVD5 | PAL 4:3 | 01:37:39 | 2.86 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Islenska
Subtitles: English, Islenska, Dansk, Francais, Deutsch
Genre: Drama

Director: Gudny Halldorsdottir
Cast: Tinna Gunnlaugsdottir, Ragnhildur Gisladottir, Agneta Ekmanner
Country: Sweden, Iceland

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