Uomini contro / Many Wars Ago / Men Against... / Just Another War / Men Opposed (1970) DVD9
The action takes place during the First World War on the Assagio, where Italian troops are fighting the Austrians for possession of Northern Italy. War has turned into a bloody stalemate. The ‘troops’ comprise of farmers and labourers who have little experience of war and are fatigued and homesick. Bogged down in their trenches on a barren highland, the men of an Italian infantry division have been given one objective: retake a commanding height from the enemy. Unfortunately, the tactical ingenuity of General Leone, the unpopular division commander, consists of supplementing frontal attacks against machine-guns with medieval fighting schemes. His dispirited troops must be prodded with ever harsher measures into storming the Austrian positions. Indignation spreads amongst the rank and file...
In one attack a major is killed, and subsequently every sixth man of his platoon is chosen to be executed by a firing squad of his comrades, in some bizarre kind of compensation for the killed officer. And it gets only worse...

DVD9 | PAL 16:9 | 01:36:54 | 7.01 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Italiano, Russian
Subtitles: English, Russian
Genre: Drama, War

Director: Francesco Rosi
Cast: Mark Frechette, Alain Cuny, Gian Maria Volonte, Giampiero Albertini, Pier Paolo Capponi
Country: Italy, Yugoslavia

- Interview with Director
- Before and after restoration

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