Urga: Territory of Love / Close to Eden / Урга: Территория любви (1991) DVD9
This story of a young Mongolian couple, Gombo and Pagma, is set in the quiet and immense steppes of China's Inner Mongolia. Although China allows a maximum of 2 children per family, the Mongols are allowed three. There is an infant, a delightful 6-year-old son and a lovely 9-year-old daughter. Gombo's mother also lives with them in their "yurt," a circular collapsible tent covered with furs or skin. Their living is made by tending sheep, horses and cattle for sale and food. We see one of the sheep slaughtered, skinned, and prepared for tonight's dinner.
Into this happy family comes a Russian truck driver, a contract worker, who is helping to build a road in China that will bring the steppes in closer contact with the modern world.

DVD9 | PAL 16:9 | 01:53:58 | 7.34 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Russian, Original (Mongolian + Russian)
Subtitles: English, Serbian
Genre: Drama

Director: Nikita Mikhalkov
Cast: Badema, Bayaertu, Vladimir Gostyukhin, Larisa Kuznetsova, Yongyan Bao, Nikolai Voshchilin
Country: France, Soviet Union

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