Vitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts
In 1925 Warner Brothers bought the system, dubbed Vitaphone, and started to experiment with adding synchronized sound to their films. Though the sound-on-disc system would be abandoned within a few years, Vitaphone was part of the Warner Brothers studio for decades and was responsible for their short subject releases. At first they mainly released vaudeville acts and musical numbers. It was easy to get a group or act to come in and record a bit for some quick cash, but Vitaphone shorts started evolving quickly and soon become mini-movies.

This set collects a wide variety of Vitaphone shorts, from vaudevillians at the height of their popularity, to big bands, to singers, to dramas and comedies there's something for everyone here. There are a lot of surprising films here, with just about every one offering something special.

6 x DVD5 | NTSC 4:3 | 614 minutes | 24.1 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Genre: Comedy, Musical

Vitaphone Pioneers - Stars of Broadway, Vaudeville and Nightclubs (1926-1931):

Between the Acts at the Opera (1926)
Favorite Orchestra of the Motion Picture Colony (1928)
Tal Henry and His North Carolinians (1929)
Rhythms (1929)
The Opry House (1929)
Red Nichols And His Five Pennies (1929)
23...Skidoo (1930)
Fashion's Mirror (1930)
Henry Santrey and His Soldiers of Fortune Orchestra (1931)
Opening Night (1931)
One Way Out (1931)
Jack Buchanan With the Glee Quartette (1930)
Bubbles (1930)

Vitaphone Varieties - Music and Comedy Diversions (1931-35):

The Grand Dame (1931)
Nine O'clock Folks (1931)
Hot News Margie (1931)
The Mild West (1933)
Rooftops Of Manhattan (1935)
Surprise (1935)

Vitaphone Presents Movie Memories, Celebrities & Novelties (1931-34):

Thrills of Yesterday: Serious Moments From Serial Days (1931)
Movie Album (#1) (1932)
Inklings (1933)
Movie Album (#2) (1932)
Nickelette (1932)
Movie Memories (#1) (1933)
A Penny a Peep (1934)
The Camera Speaks (1934)
Hollywood Newsreel (1934)
Movie Memories (#2) (1934)
A Trip Through a Hollywood Studio (1934)

Vitaphone Singin' and Swingin' - Musical Delights from Broadway, Radio, Nightclubs & Vaudeville (1933-39):

Harry Warren, America's Foremost Composer (1933)
Barber Shop Blues (1933)
A Big City Fantasy (1934)
Mirrors (1934)
Phil Spitalny & His Musical Queens (1934)
Don Redman & His Orchestra (1934)
Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Crawford at Home (1939)
Vaudeville Reel (#1) (1934)
Vaudeville Reel (#2) (1934)
Vaudeville Reel (#3) (1935)
Vaudeville Reel (#4) (1935)

Vitaphone in Technicolor! - Technicolor Musical Comedy 2-Reelers (1934-35):

Service With A Smile (1934)
Good Morning, Eve (1934)
What? No Men! (1934)
Gypsy Sweetheart (1935)
Okay, Jose (1935)
Carnival Day (1935)

Vitaphone in Technicolor! - More Broadway Brevities Technicolor Musical Comedy 2-Reelers (1935-38):

King of the Islands (1936)
Changing of the Guard (1936)
Echo Mountain (1936)
The Sunday Round-Up (1936)
Romance Road (1938)
Out Where the Stars Begin (1938)