Volga-Volga 1938
Volga-Volga mixes artisans and bureaucrats, country and city people, professional and amateur artists, romantic love, confusions of identity, the top-down vs bottom-up construction of Soviet society, a musical fabric of folk songs, anthems, folk dances and vaudeville sketches, with a nation's historical love for the "mother river" of the title, into a madcap but heartfelt musical comedy, with a sly political complexity and deft balance of ode and satire of Russian national identity.

Volga-Volga begins in the northern hinterland, in the fictional provincial town of Melkovodsk ["little waters"], then moves to Volga river, Russia's quintessentially national river, concluding with a grand finale in Moscow. Strelka ["little arrow"], a local mail carrier, wants to take her group of folk singers and dancers to the Moscow Olimpiad, hoping to perform a song about the Volga that she herself has composed. She and her boyfriend, the accountant Alesha, quarrel over their contrasting "low" and "high" musical tastes. Byvalov ["nothing new"], the career bureaucrat heading the local balalaika factory, supports Alesha's classical music group. Hoping to gain a transfer to Moscow, Byvalov transports the group down the Kama River on the rickety paddlewheeler Sevriuga ["Sturgeon"], while Strelka's group must take the overland route, meeting up with a sailboat owned by local lumberjacks. After many comic mishaps, the two groups join and travel down the Volga on a modern steamship...

Director: Grigori Aleksandrov
Cast: Lyubov Orlova, Igor Ilyinsky, Vladimir Volodin, Pavel Olenev, Andrei Tutyshkin, Sergei Antimonov
Country: Soviet Union
Genre: Comedy, Musical

2 x DVD9 | PAL 4:3 | 01:37:51 | 6.29 Gb + 6.02 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Russian
Subtitles: English

Download Volga - Volga / Волга-Волга (1938) 2 x DVD9 the restored black-and-white version:


Download Volga - Volga / Волга-Волга (1938) DVD9 the restored colorized version:


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