Yadon ilaheyya / Divine Intervention / Chronicle of Love and Pain (2002) DVD9
The film's primary story is about the complicated relationship between a Palestinian man and woman. The man (played by Elia Suleiman) lives in Ramallah and the woman (Manal Khader) lives in Jerusalem. He is unable to cross the checkpoint between the two places so they meet right on the border of the checkpoint and hang out together. But this is not a conventional movie relationship. For one, the two never talk. Suleiman is the laconic silent time and sort of has a Buster Keaton look; heavy eyelids and a deadpan expression.
The other plot point deals with the main character and his father (Nayef Fahoum Daher) who collapses in the beginning and has been taken to a hospital.

DVD9 | PAL 16:9 | 01:29:20 | 5.09 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Arabic
Subtitles: English, Greek, Francais, Espanol, Portugues
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, War

Director: Elia Suleiman
Actors: Elia Suleiman, Manal Khader, George Ibrahim, Amer Daher, Lufuf Nuweiser
Country: France, Morocco, Germany, Palestine

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