Eraserhead 1977 Criterion Collection
The Greatest Student Film Ever Made returns to screens in a brand new print personally remastered by the director. The film is a bizarre and darkly surreal mix of drama, body horror, grotesquery, black comedy, and mystery, all shot in a stark black and white over an unsettling industrial noise soundtrack.

Nominally it's about a factory worker called Henry Spencer (John Nance) who lives in a drab apartment somewhere in an industrial hell-hole. When his girfriend, Mary X (Charlotte Stewart), falls pregnant , Henry is forced to marry her and move in with her bizarre family. The incessant crying of their hideously deformed child drives Mary away, leaving Henry alone before he descends into the dream world that has hovered around him since the film's beginning.

Eraserhead was described by David Lynch (and billed in advertising) as "A Dream of Dark and Troubling Things". David Lynch's first film is considered by many to be the weirdest and most nightmarish movie ever made.

Director: David Lynch
Cast: Jack Nance, Charlotte Stewart, Allen Joseph, Jeanne Bates, Judith Roberts, Laurel Near, Jennifer Lynch
Country: USA
Genre: Fantasy, Horror

BD50 + 2xDVD9 | 1080p AVC, NTSC | 01:29:18 | 46.1 Gb + 15.6 Gb
Language: English
Subtitles: English


1977 - trailer/promo piece for Eraserhead. Industrial sounds only. (1 min, 1080p).

1979 - presented here is an archival interview with David Lynch and cinematographer Frederick Elmes which was shot by filmmaker Tom Christie for his television production class at UCLA in 1979. The American director explains how he chose the location (an old industrial park) for his film and discusses its tone and atmosphere, as well as the polarizing reactions the film generated after its premiere. Frederick Elmes contributes with small technical comments. In English, not subtitled. (17 min, 1080i).

1982 - presented here is an archival trailer for Eraserhead which was produced by twins Douglas Brian Martin and Steven M. Martin, with cinematography by Frederick Elmes. The trailer preceded the film at the Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles for several years it played there to sold-out Friday midnight movie audiences. The trailer is essentially a Thank You message delivered by David Lynch. In English, not subtitled. (2 min, 1080i).

1988 - presented here is an excerpt from an episode of the French television program Cinema de notre temps, which was recorded in 1988 and broadcast on April 23, 1993. David Lynch and actor Jack Nance (Henry Spencer) visit the big dark tunnel seen in Eraserhead (see screencapture #2). In English and French, with printed French and English subtitles where necessary. (7 min, 1080p).

1997 - presented here is archival footage with David Lynch, actors Jack Nance and Charlotte Stewart (Mary X), and director's assistant Catherine Coulson. The group visits Mary X's house, and discusses the shooting and unique atmosphere of Eraserhead. The interviews were conducted by Toby Keeler for his 1997 documentary Pretty as a Picture: The Art of David Lynch. In English, not subtitled. (17 min, 1080i).

2001 - David Lynch made the excellent documentary film "Eraserhead" Stories in 2001. It focuses on the long and rather unusual production history of his first feature film. "Eraserhead" Stories contains a large amount of archival stills and photographs. In English, not subtitled. (86 min, 1080i).

2014 - presented here are new interviews with director's assistant Catherine Coulson, actors Charlotte Stewart and Judith Anna Roberts, and cinematographer Frederick Elmes. The interviewees discuss their initial encounters and professional relationships with David Lynch, as well as their contributions to Eraserhead. The interviews were conducted exclusively for Criterion in 2014. In English, not subtitled. (27 min, 1080p).

TV Calibration - viewing instructions provided by David Lynch. In text-format.

Short Films - presented here are new 2K restorations of six short films directed by David Lynch. Each film comes with a two-minute video introduction by the American director.

1. Six Men Getting Sick (1967) - one-minute film loop projected on a sculpted screen. Dolby Digital 1.0. (4 min, 1080p).

2. The Alphabet (1968) - shot on 16mm. Dolby Digital 1.0. (4 min, 1080p).

3. The Grandmother (1970) - shot on 16mm. Dolby Digital 1.0. (34 min, 1080p).

4. The Amputee (1974) - two versions, shot on video. Dolby Digital 1.0. (6/5 minutes, 1080p).

5. Premonitions Following an Evil Deed (1995) - shot on 35mm. Dolby Digital 1.0. (1 min, 1080p).

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