3 By Theo - The Theo Van Gogh Collection
Dutch film director, producer and author Theo van Gogh was known for his controversial political views and advocacy for freedom of speech. Assassinated in 2004 by a religious extremist, van Gogh left behind a legacy of award winning, critically acclaimed arthouse cinema.

The three films in this collection are stylised chamber pieces which probe away at sexual, social and professional insecurity.

3 x DVD5 | NTSC | 01:20:55 + 01:22:05 + 01:31:48 | 11.4 Gb
Language: Nederlands
Subtitles: English
Genre: Drama, Romance

A middle-aged journalist interviews the real-life Dutch star Katja Schuurman, in her own loft. Pierre, the journalist, is annoyed at being given such a fluffy assignment, as he is normally a political correspondent. Initially he has no questions for Katja, but soon they are coaxing their darkest secrets out of each other.

Blind Date
This drama offers insight into male-female relationships as it chronicles several encounters between a bereaved mother who just lost her young daughter and a middle aged man. The story takes place inside the lounge of the Amsterdam Hilton where the two go for alcohol and solace. At one time both of them were entertainers. He had a magic/comedy act and she was a tap dancer. The plot chronicles several of their conversations during different meetings.

Theo van Gogh s outrageously frank 1-900 is a lot more than just talk. Two lonely professionals meet through a sex-line and begin a weekly rendezvous via the telephone. It turns erotic, funny, frustrating, and even sinister, as they become increasingly attached to one another. Despite the initial rules of the game the two can never meet, nor even know one another s identities neither partner can help wishing for more intimate contact. 1-900 is a provocative and sexually charged exploration of the boundaries of imagination, fantasy and power.

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