And Everything Is Going Fine 2010
Spalding Gray left this Earth in January of 2004, after struggling for several years following a horrific car accident in Ireland. We see the effects of that accident at the tail end of And Everything is Going Fine, Steven Soderbergh's documentary tribute to the actor and writer. He is clearly in pain, and he no longer looks himself. It's a sad finish for a man who otherwise pulled wit and wisdom out of what he termed the great accident of life.

Gray was a struggling actor until his one-man monologues started getting notice in the 1980s. His watershed moment was Swimming to Cambodia, a stage show based on his experience filming The Killing Fields. Gray developed his own kind of theatre--just himself and a desk and a microphone, talking about his life.

In deference to Gray’s fabled eloquence and remarkable genius for introspection and rigorous self-examination, Steven Soderbergh, who collaborated with his subject on the performance film Gray’s Anatomy, turns And Everything Is Going Fine into what’s essentially a one-man show. Soderbergh follows Gray’s alternately sad and hilarious life story through performance footage, home movies, and clips of Gray being interviewed on everything from The Charlie Rose Show to MTV and E!

BD50 + DVD9 | AVC 1080p, NTSC | 01:29:26 | 41.7 Gb + 7.30 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Genre: Documentary


Sex and Death to the Age 14 - Spalding Gray's first monologue was created with the support of the Wooster Group and premiered on April 20, 1979, at the Performing Garage in New York City. In 1982, Gray performed the piece again as part of the Wooster Group's eight-week series A Spalding Gray Retrospective. That version, offered here, was videotaped by Dan Weissman and Brad Ricker at the Performing Garage on October 29, 1982. In English, not subtitled. (64 min, 1080i).

The Making of And Everything Is Going Fine - in this video interview, director Steven Soderbergh, producer Kathleen Russo, and editor Susan Littenberg discuss the production history of And Everything Is Going Fine. The interview was conducted for Criterion in March 2012. In English, not subtitled. (21 min, 1080p).

Trailer - original trailer for And Everything Is Going Fine. In English, not subtitled. (3 min, 1080i).

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