Ave (2011) DVD5
Ave follows Kamen (Ovanes Torosyan), a teenage art student, hitchhiking from Sofia to Rousse, a small town on the Bulgarian border to Romania. In Rousse, Kamen wants to attend the funeral of a friend from school who killed himself under unknown circumstances. On his way, Kamen meets Ave (Anjela Nedyalkova), who, as fate has it, is also hitchhiking to Rousse. At least that’s what she tells him.
Once they are in a car together, Kamen is shocked when Ave begins to make up stories about him as if they have known each other all their lives. The further they travel together, the more extreme her lies become, yet although he makes clear his rising anger he can't seem to get rid of her. And beneath Kamen's conscientious surface lies a dark secret that forces viewers to reassess the comparative moral values of the two.

DVD5 | PAL 16:9 | 01:22:25 | 4.16 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Bulgarian
Subtitles: English (hardcorded)
Genre: Drama

Director: Konstantin Bojanov
Cast: Angela Nedialkova, Ovanes Torosian, Martin Brambach, Svetla Yancheva
Country: Bulgaria

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