Balladen om Carl-Henning / Ballad of Carl-Henning (1969) DVD5
Carl-Henning (Jasper Klein) is a young man working as an apprentice on a dairy farm in the Danish marshland. When he isn't working, he tinkers on a disabled car and dreams of a young girl who is a local student. After a few too many beers one night, he steals some money from the till at work. He is caught by the foreman, who beats the young man. Carl-Henning defends himself and knocks the man down a flight of stairs. Convinced he has murdered the man, Carl runs away and joins up with a traveling carnival. Although the foreman has only a slight bump on the head and all is forgiven, Carl never receives word he is welcome to return and begins a series of adventures that take him far beyond the farm.

DVD5 | PAL 4:3 | 01:31:45 | 3.41 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Dansk
Subtitles: English, Dansk
Genre: Comedy, Drama

Director: Lene Gronlykke, Sven Gronlykke
Cast: Jesper Klein, Paul Huttel, Inge Baaring, Edith Thrane
Country: Denmark

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