Bill Hicks: One Night Stand (1991), Relentless (1992), Revelations (1993), It's Just a Ride (1994) 2 x DVD
Although comedian Bill Hicks passed away in 1994, his legacy lives on as one of comedy's greatest talents. Hicks' comedy revolved largely around drugs, social norms, politics, drugs, religion, drugs and dicks. He was known to have taken drugs, especially magic mushrooms, although he later stopped and even gave up smoking.
He saved his most scathing social commentary for the Republican Party (especially Sen. Jesse Helms), the pro-life movement, John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories, the War on Drugs, the first Gulf War (his commentary thereon was also eerily applicable to the second Gulf War) and the state of the US entertainment industry, in particular reality TV, teenage pop stars and artists who "sold out" to do advertisements.
This release combines some of his best work, including the following live performances: "One Night Stand" from Chicago, "Revelations" from London and "Relentless" from Montreal. Also included is a bonus featurette, "Just a Ride," which covers Hicks's career and features testimonials from Brett Butler, Jay Leno, David Letterman and more.

DVD5 + DVD9 | PAL 4:3 | 4.26 Gb + 4.71 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: Nederlands, English

One Night Stand - from the Old Vic Theatre in Chicago, 1991 (28:19). The HBO network dedicated an entire episode of this series to Hicks, opening with a black and white sequence featuring Bill waiting at an airport. The material here covers Hicks' smoking habit, some of his suggestions for the advertising industry and the age old debate: is rock and roll the devil's music?

Relentless - Montreal Comedy Festival, 1991 (60:46 - extended version). Bill discusses his distaste for the beach and some of the day jobs he held as a teenager. The additional segment deals with what he considers to be the upside of drugs and leads into his opinion of musicians who cash in on their fame for a quick buck, calling them "suckers of Satan's big scaly pecker".

Revelations - from the Dominion Theatre in London, 1992 (75:00). By this time Bill had quit smoking and moved from New York back to Los Angeles. Bill touches on the bizarre L.A. law allowing pedestrians right of way, the L.A. riots, Jackie Onassis and speculates on what influenced God to create Possums.

It's Just A Ride - The Bill Hicks Documentary (41:08). This is a fairly insightful documentary about the man himself, covering most bases and revealing the respect he enjoyed from his peers. Interviewees include Jay Leno, David Letterman, Eddie Izzard and Brett Butler. Bill's parents Mary & Jim appear briefly to discuss his childhood and religious upbringing, lamenting at his use of the "f" word. This is followed by his brother Steve, who relates an anecdote regarding his first experience seeing Bill perform on stage. Various excerpts are shown from his many TV appearances, as well as a few more amusing stories from his friends. Letterman expresses his regret regarding the events surrounding Bill's final performance on his show and appears to have genuine respect for the man's work. This is a great extra, and well worth a look - particularly for fans of Bill's material.

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