Bloedlink / Reckless (2014) DVD9
"Reckless" is a riveting retelling of a story first explored in the 2009 thriller "The Disappearance Of Alice Creed", but director Joram Lursen's new version is even more stylish, sexually charged, and tightly wound than its source of inspiration.
Laura (Sarah Chronis) is a real estate tycoon's daughter, kidnapped by the masked Victor (Tygo Gernandt) and Rico (Marwan Kenzari). Victor and Rico have a full-proof plan, and will split the four million Euro ransom. They keep Laura in a small padded room in a decrepit apartment, chaining her to the bed and dealing with her father (who is never seen; this trio is the only cast) with untraceable cell phones. The apartment becomes claustrophobic as the three characters begin manipulating each other, with shocking revelations about how each of them is connected to the other.

DVD9 | PAL 16:9 | 01:27:51 | 5.27 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Nederlands
Subtitles: English, Nederlands
Genre: Crime, Thriller

Director: Joram Lursen
Cast: Marwan Kenzari, Tygo Gernandt, Sarah Chronis
Country: Netherlands

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