Bronco Bullfrog 1970
A loosely woven storyline centres on Del (Del Walker), a teenager at odds with his parents. The film is more a character study, observing Del as a relationship with 15-year-old Irene (Ann Gooding) develops. Meanwhile, Jo, nicknamed 'Bronco Bullfrog' (Sam Shepherd), is back from Borstal, tempting Del towards a life of petty crime.

Made in 1969 with an entirely non-professional cast by its then 25-year-old director Barney Platts-Mills, this amusing and poignant study of disaffected East End youth is one of the forgotten films of post-war British cinema, and fully justifies this digitally restored re-release.

BD50 + DVD9 | 1080p AVC, PAL | 01:26:34 | 28.7 Gb + 7.53 Gb
Language: English
Subtitles: English, Francais

Director: Barney Platts-Mills
Cast: Del Walker, Anne Gooding, Sam Shepherd
Country: UK
Genre: Drama

• "Everybody's An Actor, Shakespeare Said" - 1968 documentary charting Joan Littlewood's theatre work with the cast (30:19)
• Interview with Joan Littlewood from 1968 (21:49)
• "Seven Green Bottles" (1975) - short film directed by Eric Marquis (35:06)

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