Before New year of a window of a huge city are shone from within by multi-coloured fur-tree fires. It seems that behind each of these windows cautiously store a favourite holiday. It seems that behind each of them neighbours in a court yard for certain wait for New Year's execution of desires … To a silhouette of the elderly woman behind one of windows of the old Moscow house have got used as to something invariable. Sofia Ivanovna does not rise ten years from the armchair, for days on end looks out of the window, glues touching figures from a paper and listens to Dickens who is read to it aloud by unique daughter Tanja. The Only heir, Tanja who should transfer jewelry of the daughter, seemingly, has reconciled to position of the old maid, and all her life consists only of cares of sick mother...

DVD9 | PAL 4:3 (720x576) VBR | 01:41:56 | 6.87 Gb + 3% rec
Russian (Dolby AC3, 6 ch), Russian (DTS, 6 ch) | Subtitle: English
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Director: Oleg Yankovskij, Mikhail Agranovich
Actors: Oleg Yankovskij, Ekaterina S. Vasil'eva, Irina Kupchenko, Natal'ya Cshukina, Mark Rudinshtejn, Ivan Yankovskij

Download Come Look at Me / Prikhodi na menya posmotret / Приходи на меня посмотреть (2000) DVD9:

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