Correspondence 2011
"Correspondence" is my tribute Robert Gardner’s body of work. Retracing his steps, I filmed in the same locations in which he filmed. Dead Birds (1964) was filmed in West Papua, Rivers of Sand (1974) was filmed in Ethiopia, and Forest of Bliss (1986) was filmed in Benares, India. My goal was to craft a film in dialogue with his body of work. I found my images – one might say – to the left-and-right of his frames. I shot the majority of the film in lush black-and-white and did not record sound. I intended in this way to echo the poetic element in Gardner’s film documents. Correspondence is as much about Gardner’s documentary style as it is about filmmaking with silver gelatin material – about how we think and remember with film. So, Correspondence is my tribute to Gardner, but it is also my homage to a kind of filmmaking in which he is a master. – Robert Fenz

DVD5 | NTSC 16:9 | 00:29:56 | 1.51 Gb + 3% rec
Language: silent
Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Director: Robert Fenz
Country: USA, Germany

Download Correspondence (2011) DVD5:


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