Death Wish 2 & 3
The original Death Wish was an unexpected hit in 1974, which came with it a bit of controversy tied to it due to the amount of sexual violence in it, as well as its portrayal of vigilantism in a favorable light. However, it only helped the film at the box office as it resonated with audiences who were feeling increasingly antagonistic towards the hostility around them and the police who they were beginning to distrust. The film also caused a major shift in Charles Bronson’s career, which ultimately lead to him not being able to shed his Paul Kersey persona, even in other films.

After the events of the first film Kersey relocates to Los Angeles to start his life over in Death Wish II. Sporting a new girlfriend on his arm and his recently-released from therapy daughter on the other, it isn’t long before history repeats itself and a group of thugs not only rape and kill his housekeeper, but also kidnap his daughter, leading to her eventual demise. Kersey hits the streets again to find them and kill them all, meanwhile trying to avoid the police in the process. In Death Wish 3, he returns to New York, only to find that it has transformed into a rotting cesspool due to gang violence. Now known as a seasoned pro when it comes to being a vigilante, Kersey is unofficially hired by the police to go after the local criminals with his own brand of justice.

BD50 + DVD9 | 1080p AVC, NTSC | 01:31:55 + 01:30:35 | 43.5 Gb + 4.74 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller


DISC ONE (Blu-ray):

*** "Death Wish II" (91:55) uncut international version
*** "Death Wish 3" (90:35)
• Notes on the uncut version of "Death Wish II" by Paul Talbot (5 text pages that play before the film)
• "Action! II" (features behind the scenes footage and interviews from the making of Death Wish 3, Grace Quigley, Runaway Train, Invasion USA & House) TV documentary (53:27) (720p)
• "Cast & Crew Interviews" (raw out takes from "Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films") featurette (100:00):
--- David Engelbach (writer, Death Wish II) (12:54)
--- Robin Sherwood (actress, Death Wish II) (26:05)
--- Todd Roberts (producer's son, Death Wish II) (35:07)
--- Alex Winter (actor, Death Wish 3) (25:51)
• "Death Wish II" Theatrical Trailer (1:57) (1080p)
• "Death Wish 3" Theatrical Trailer (1:37) (1080i 60hz)
• "Death Wish II" TV Spot 1 (0:28) (1080i 60hz)
• "Death Wish II" TV Spot 2 (0:23) (720p)
• "Death Wish 3" TV Spot (0:29) (720p)

• Easter eggs:
--- Highlight the extras, scroll down to DW3 theatrical trailer, click left and DW3 VHS appears, enter.
"Death Wish 3: Extended and Deleted Scenes"
The following scenes appear on an Australian VHS released by Hoyts / Polygram in the late 1980s. This version was heavily edited to reduce language and violence, but contains several scenes which are extended, alternate takes or not in the theatrical cut.
It is suspected that this version was a TV edit which somehow found its way onto the rental market (6:07)


*** "Death Wish II" US theatrical version - 89:48
*** "Death Wish II" Television version - 93:57
• Liner Notes by Paul Talbot that play before each version of the film:
--- Theatrical cut (5 text pages)
--- Greek VHS cut (4 text pages)
--- Television cut (1 text page)