Eclipse Series 14: Rossellini's History Films - Renaissance And Enlightenment
In the final phase of his career, Italian master Roberto Rossellini embarked on a dramatic, daunting project: a series of politically minded televisions films about knowledge and history, made in an effort to teach, where the contemporary media was failing. Looking at the western world's major figures and moments, yet focusing on the small details of daily life, Rossellini was determined not to recount history but to bring it back to life, as it might have been, unadorned yet full of the drama of the everyday. In this selection of Rossellini's history films, Eclipse presents works that don't just enliven the past but illuminate the ideas that brought us to where we are.

Rossellini's History Films: Renaissance and Enlightenment - Eclipse Series 14 features three films:

The Age of Medici takes place during the rise of Cosimo Medici in fifteenth century Florence. Rossellini shows the day-to-day life of the Florentines as a backdrop for the rise of one of the wealthiest men of their time. The film's four hours are divided up into three parts.

Blaise Pascal, surprisingly, is about the life of Blaise Pascal. He is a mathematician and scientist in a time where religious fervor strikes down witches and heretics with equal gusto.

Cartesius (which is Descartes in Latin) follows the life of Rene Descartes as he tries to unite reason to philosophy.

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