El bruto / The Brute (1953) + Robinson Crusoe (1954) DVD9
El bruto:
One of the fascinating melodramas Bunuel made during his early years in Mexico. The landlord of a block of tenements tries to throw his tenants out to make way for a luxurious new house for himself and his mistress. To implement this, he hires a 'strong and devoted' slaughterhouse worker, and talks him into eliminating the community's leading resisters. Unusually, the film concentrates not on the heroic resistance of the tenants but on El Bruto himself, and his growing awareness of the iniquities of the paternalistic order he is helping. Bunuel sharpens the political edge by having El Bruto discover that his boss is also his natural father. The images are powerful, not to say - in a nightime chase sequence - magnetic, and the character of the reliable worker-cum-hired 'brute', who discovers who his real enemies are, unforgettable.
Director: Luis Bunuel
Actors: Pedro Armendariz, Katy Jurado, Rosa Arenas, Andres Soler, Roberto Meyer
Language: Espanol | Subtitles: none
Genre: Drama

Robinson Crusoe:
In 1659, a great storm blows a ship on the rocks near an island someplace in the New World. Robinson Crusoe is hurled on the beach of an island close by and spends the night in the jungle. The next morning, he makes his way to the wrecked ship, builds a raft and salvages supplies, finding no other survivors. Crusoe spends 18 years alone before he discovers cannibals are using the other end of his island for their "banquets" and he rescues a native who becomes his servant and is called Friday.
Director: Luis Bunuel
Actors: Dan O'Herlihy, Jaime Fernandez, Felipe de Alba, Chel Lopez, Jose Chavez
Language: English | Subtitles: Espanol
Genre: Drama, Adventure

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