King of the Texas Rangers 1941
Texas Ranger captain Tom King (Monte Blue) is murdered just as he’s on the verge of smashing a sabotage ring that’s been operating in Texas and Mexico – but his son, college football star Tom King Jr. (Sammy Baugh), picks up where his father left off, taking on the slain Ranger’s badge and his important assignment. With the help of Mexican Rurales officer Pedro Garcia and small-town newspaper editress Sally Crane (Pauline Moore), the new Ranger quickly begins to hamper the sabotage ring’s operations; King and his allies are unaware, however, that upright rancher and oil-company stockholder John Barton (Neil Hamilton) is the leader of the saboteurs – or that Barton’s backer, a high-ranking foreign military officer (Rudolph Anders), is overseeing the sabotage activities from a lurking zeppelin high above Texas.

2 x DVD9 | NTSC 4:3 | 01:53:59 + 01:40:35 | 7.44 Gb + 6.37 Gb
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller, Western

Directors: John English, William Witney
Cast: Sammy Baugh, Neil Hamilton, Pauline Moore
Country: USA

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