Kristnihald undir Jokli / Christianity Under the Glacier (1989) DVD5
This is the story of a spiritual and physical odyssey, comic and strange, made by a young theological student.
Our hero is Umbi (an acronym for emissary of the bishop), sent by him to undertake an important investigation at Snaefell-glacier. In particular he is to look into the conduct and behavior of Jon Primus, the old pastor at Snaefell. Fantastic rumors are rife: amongst other things it is said that a corpse is lodged in the glacier! Armed with his tape recorder and notebook, Umbi embarks upon his mission. He tries to question the weird locals, a weird lot, but gets evasive answers. Slowly he is dragged into a quagmire of strange happenings and his efforts to understand only make him confused. If at the beginning he is a chipper, a mere device, by the end of the story he is inextricably involved, a committed participant in the bizarre events.

DVD5 | PAL 4:3 | 01:28:58 | 3.03 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Islenska
Subtitles: English, Islenska, Francais
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Mystery

Director: Gudny Halldorsdottir
Cast: Sigurdur Sigurjonsson, Baldvin Halldorsson, Margret Helga Johannsdottir
Country: Iceland

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