Kyuba no koibito / Cuban Lover (1969) DVD9
This film was produced in the late 1960's in Cuba with the intention of creating solidarity between the Cuban and Japanese people. Through the romance between a young Japanese man and a Cuban woman, the film witnesses the reality of Cuba as it commemorates the 10th anniversary of its revolution. Akira is a Japanese youth who has arrived on vacation to Havana at a time when strong social movements were growing all around the world. Desperately looking for company, there he meets Marcia, who works at a local tobacco factory. He will follow her all around the island only to discover that her main interests are far beyond a romantic relationship. She speaks of the pre-Castro days when the Batista government contributed to the demise of her family. The woman leaves him when her devotion to the revolution becomes greater than her love...

DVD9 | NTSC 4:3 | 01:37:27 | 6.67 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Espanol
Subtitles: English, Espanol, Japanese
Genre: Drama

Director: Kazuo Kuroki
Cast: Obdulia Plasencia, Masahiko Tsugawa
Country: Japan

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