La rabbia di Pasolini / Pasolini's Rage / The Anger Of Pasolini (2008) DVD9
1963. The Mondo Libero newsreel by Gastone Ferranti and other material found in Tchekoslovakia, the Soviet Union and England, became, for Pier Paolo Pasolini, the basis for a lyrical and polemical analysis of the social phenomena and conflicts affecting the modern world, from the Cold War to the Economic Boom, with commentary consisting of a "poetical voice" (Giorgio Bassani) and a "prosaic voice" (Renato Guttuso).
While Pasolini was working on editing "La Rabbia", the producer, perhaps out of political scruples or commercial motives, decided to turn the movie into a four-hand work, and entrusted Giovannino Guareschi with a part of it, following the well known journalist-like scheme "seen by right, seen by left."
Pasolini reacted with irritation to this forced cohabitation, but in the end he acquiesced, giving up the first part of his movie to make room for Guareschi's segment.

2008. We thought it would be most interesting (as well as a fitting tribute) to try to trace, after so many years, Pasolini's original work.
Starting with the poet's text and Mondo Libero's collection, we worked on the reconstruction of that first missing part, and now wish to introduce it, obviously with benefit of inventory, to today's audience.

DVD9 | PAL 4:3 | 01:17:42 | 6.96 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Italiano
Subtitles: English
Genre: Documentary

Directors: Pier Paolo Pasolini, Giuseppe Bertolucci
Cast: Giorgio Bassani (voice), Renato Guttuso (voice), Giuseppe Bertolucci (voice), Vittorio Magrelli (voice), Pier Paolo Pasolini, Fidel Castro, Charles de Gaulle, Yuri Gagarin, Giovanni Guareschi, Nikita Khrushchev, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Alighiero Noschese, Pope John XXIII, Queen Elizabeth II
Country: Italy

"Why is our life tamed by unhappiness, anxiety, by the fear of a war?"
"To answer this question I wrote this film, with no chronological order, and maybe not even a logical one...but with my political reasons and my poetic feeling."
Pier Paolo Pasolini

"La Rabbia is a movie of editing, a sort of political essay, a poetical film.
Or better, a text in poetry expressed through images, and overwhelmed by anger.
The anger of Pier Paolo Pasolini.
Against the bourgeoisie, barbarism, intolerance, prejudices, triviality, respectability. Against power that already railed at him with persecutory intention."
Carlo Di Carlo

La rabbia di Pasolini

Hypothesis for the reconstruction of the film's original version

The reconstruction includes:

- An introduction by Giuseppe Bertolucci
- Unpublished material from the archive of Istituto Luce
- La Rabbia (1963 edition) by Gruppo Editoriale Minerva RaroVideo
- Appendix: L'aria del tempo

Based on an idea by Tatti Sanguineti
Made by Giuseppe Bertolucci, edited by Fabio Bianchini
Reading of the reconstructed section by Fabrizio Gifuni and Giuseppe Bertolucci
Co-producers: Istituto Luce, Gruppo Editoriale Minerva Raro Video and Cineteca di Bologna
Executive Producer: Cineteca del Comune di Bologna (Bologna Public Film Library)

La Rabbia di Pasolini was edited in the laboratory L'Immagine Ritrovata, at the Bologna Public Film Library, which also carried out the digital processing. The lab also restored the edition of La Rabbia of Pier Paolo Pasolini and Giovannino Guareschi (1963) by Gruppo Editoriale Minerva RaroVideo.

Sixteen extra minutes of unpublished material were added from the archive of Istituto Luce (newsreels from Mondo Libero, Settimana Incom, Opus Film).

The new chapters deal with the following subjects:
1. Final tribute to De Gasperi
2. The weight of war (return of the ashes from Greece)
3. Atomic cannons
4. Seagulls' flight
5. Europe was born
6. The little song of Carla Boni and the ball at Rai
7. Victory of the white union at Fiat
8. The Abyss Christ
9. The Korea War
10. The prisoners' return
11. Churchill in the garden
12. The meeting of the Greats in Geneva
13. A number of floods
14. Saint Peter and the prelates
15. A number of happy scenes
16. Television

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