Moderato cantabile 1960
"Moderato Cantabile" is a carefully woven tapestry of emotion that begins with a jealous lover murdering the woman he loves. Fascinated by the crime she has witnessed, Anne Desbaresdes returns several times to the scene, forming a relationship with a man who also saw the murder, and drinking through the afternoon with him as he patiently answers her eager questions. Slowly, they find themselves being taken over by forces which threaten their own stability.

"Moderato Cantabile" was only the second film by the great British director Peter Brook and it proved, like Welles before him, that he was equally adept in either medium. It was made in France in 1960 and has now largely been forgotten, though at the time the magazine Films and Filming selected it as the best film of the year from any source and it's a masterpiece.

BD25 | 1080p AVC | 01:34:25 | 20.6 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Francais
Subtitles: English, Japanese
Genre: Drama

Director: Peter Brook
Cast: Jeanne Moreau, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Pascale de Boysson
Country: France, Italy

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