Pola X (1999) DVD9
Pierre (Guillaume Depardieu) lives in a glorious chateau with his mother Marie (Catherine Deneuve), with whom he has an undefined but curiously incestuous relationship. They both revere the memory of Pierre's father, a famous diplomat who has an undefined but curious relationship to atrocities in WW2. Pierre is not only rich, he is also a celebrated author (under a pen name) of a book that has 'inspired his generation. He commutes daily to another glorious chateau to make love to his delicate, sweet fiancee Lucie (Delphine Chuillot). Together they share an undefined but curiously ambisexual relationship with his moody cousin Thibault (Laurent Lucas). This eden of privilege is shattered when a mysterious vagrant woman, previsioned by Pierre in weird dreams, begins haunting him in the woods and in town. When he finally confronts her, she claims to be Isabelle (Yekaterina Golubeva), his sister, unacknowledged by the controlling Marie. Pierre has a lifestyle crisis. He smashes into a walled room upstairs hoping to get the goods on his father, but finds nothing. Abandoning his home, his fiancee, his mother and his inheritance, he takes Isabelle and her two war - refugee companions into an underground lifestyle of poverty while he tries to write a meaningful follow-up novel about squalor and lies - the real truth of his times. That's when things get even weirder.

DVD9 | PAL 16:9 | 02:08:46 | 7.42 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Francais
Subtitles: English
Genre: Drama, Romance

Director: Leos Carax
Actors: Guillaume Depardieu, Yekaterina Golubeva, Catherine Deneuve, Delphine Chuillot, Laurent Lucas
Country: France, Switzerland, Germany, Japan

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