Porky's Revenge 1985
It's senior year for the Angel Beach High School buddies, with Pee Wee, Billy, Tommy, Meat, and Brian doing their part for school spirit by conquering the competition on the basketball court, carrying a winning season into the state championship. However, all is not well with the team, finding Meat struggling with his academics, unable to master his biology class, with teacher Miss Webster ready to fail him, keeping him out of the game. Trouble also comes for Coach Goodenough, who's greatly in debt to Porky, who now owns an illegal casino on a riverboat. Trying to gathering enough evidence to put Porky out of business, the gang is captured by the corpulent, violent man. Forced to throw the big game to help escape Porky's wrath, the boys, joined by Wendy, decide to manage their own mischief to save the day, while Meat suffers additional harm at the hands of Porky's sex-crazed daughter, Blossom.

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Language: English
Subtitles: English

Director: James Komack
Cast: Dan Monahan, Wyatt Knight, Tony Ganios, Mark Herrier, Kaki Hunter, Scott Colomby, Nancy Parsons, Chuck Mitchell
Country: United States, Canada
Genre: Comedy


-- "High School Nights: Teens in the Eighties" featurette (16:26)
Kim Newman waxing lyrical on the whole nostalgia-teen sex comedy boom begat by American Graffiti (1973) and reinforced by the success of Porky's (1981). He knows his stuff and we get some great reminiscences from the early '80s of going to screenings and how everyone felt the films were sexist even then.

-- "Porky's Daughter: An Interview with Wendy Feign" featurette (26:07)
Feign plays Porky's geeky but super sexy daughter Blossom and has plenty of great anecdotes about working with the cast, nude scenes, her acting career prior to the film (stage) and since (mainly stage). Etc. She is a very appealing person and very engaging.

-- Original Trailer (1:30)