Prize Winners of Seoul Independent Film Festival 2007
Presented by the Association of Korean Independent Film&Video, Seoul Independent Film Festival (SIFF) is undoubtedly one of the representative events for independent films in Korea. Starting from the 1975 Korean Youth Film Festival, its journey from Golden Crown Short Film Festival to Korean Independent Short Film Festival to present day leaves a memorable footprint in the history of Korean independent cinema.
Held in every December, SIFF is a competition film festival and covers all sorts of film genres and forms of the year. It also provides an opportunity for independent filmmakers to join and develop solidarity an mutual understanding.

DVD9 | NTSC 4:3 | 03:31:40 | 7.69 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English, Korean
Genre: Short

The substance of Earth
Jin-man Kim | 2007 | Experimental, Animation | 35mm | B&W,Color | 10min 10sec
It has been found that plants of downtown areas produced more carbon dioxide than they absorbed from the atmosphere and leaded air pollution to be deteriorated. Trees changed their growth pattern to stand the heat of hot weather because of unusual above-average temperatures. Now the natural food chain starts the counter-cycle.

A coffee vending machine and its sword
hyung-yun Chang | 2007 | Animation | 35mm | Color | 29min 53sec
His name is Jin Young-young, a owner of Cheong rang Sword, a precious sword, and the best hana out of vagabonds. People call him the best Sword. Jin Young-young has won over many masters, but one day he dies after fighting against a powerful enemy. What nonsense that he is reborn as a vending machine in modern times. he meets Hye-mi who works at a small restaurant. she pours water and coffee to the vending machine, Jin Young-young's mind leans towards Hye-mi more and more. Meanwhile a unidentified assassin attacks him.

You Will Know
Young-jae Kim | 2007 | Fiction | 35mm | Color | 21min 35sec
So-young is accused of cheating in the first mid-term exam, but she keeps denying it. In the meantime Young-sook, proctor that day who is also a part-time teacher at school gets to be suspicious due to lack of evidence to prove So-young's case. As knowing that this happening may affect an upcoming interview for appointment Young-sook suggests something to So-young.

When a Pitcher meets a Hitter
Sang-joon Kwon | 2007 | Fiction | DV | Color | 18min 30sec
“Now runners are on first and d third base, two out on top of the ninth inning. Score is 17 and 6. Our team is 6.” Finally a pitcher goes up the mound calling by a manager. He dreams a come-from-behind victory pitcher even in the worst of circumstances.

The Apple
Se-hun Ahn | 2007 | Fiction | HD | Color | 24min 30sec
Late an autumn night, there is one girl going to somewhere. we can see a single moment of a growth through the night.

Getting elected, the after.
Jung-hyun Lee | 2007 | Fiction | DV | Color | 23min 45sec
Pan-su wants to be the best. Jong-baek hates Pan-su. Sin-hoo fears Pan-su.

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