Rendez-vous a Bray / Appointment in Bray / Rendezvous at Bray (1971) DVD9 + DVD5
1917, Paris. Julien Eschenbach, a young pianist and musical journalist, receives a telegram from his composer friend Jacques Nueil – now fighting in the air force – inviting him to a rendezvous at the latter’s house, La Fougeraie, in Bray. A mysterious woman greets him at the house, announces that Jacques hasn’t yet arrived, and serves him tea in the sitting room. On the piano, he finds an unfinished nocturne composed by Jacques and dedicated to himself, which he plays; when the lights flicker out, the woman brings in a candelabra and explains that they are only twelve kilometers from the front. After trying unsuccessfully to phone Paris, Julien recalls a quarrel with Jacques about concealing his job as a cinema pianist and a later piano recital arranged by Jacques at the home of the wealthy M. and Mme. Hausmann, during which the latter tried to seduce him.
Fearing his friend dead, Julien relives their relationship, stimulated by erotic yearnings that span past (the friend's girl, Ogier) and present (the housekeeper), conjuring ghostly shadows of guilt...

DVD9 + DVD5 | PAL 16:9 | 01:25:29 | 6.40 Gb + 4.19 Gb
Language: Francais
Subtitles: English, Francais, Nederlands
Genre: Drama, Music, War, Mystery

Director: Andre Delvaux
Cast: Anna Karina, Mathieu Carriere, Roger Van Hool, Bulle Ogier
Country: France, Belgium, West Germany

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