Snake Eater trilogy
Lorenzo Lamas is a name that most action film aficionados instantly recognize. When the action boom of the 1980’s has since subsided and most of the best action films have been relegated to direct to video. Lamas who in the early part of his career achieved fame via the films Grease and later would go on too achieve prime time stardom in the late night soap opera Falcon Crest. In 1989 he would make his first official foray into the world of action cinema with the film Snake Eater and since making this film he has go on to become one of the few remaining action stars who continue to churn out product on a regular basis over the last seventeen years including his hugely successful television series Renegade which ran for five seasons. These three Snake Eater films are a precursor to what was just to come from Lorenzo Lamas as an actor and his next project Renegade would make him an international star.

3 x DVD5 | NTSC 4:3 | 01:34:28 + 01:32:24 + 01:31:03
3.81 Gb + 3.76 Gb + 3.71 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English, Francais
Subtitles: none
Genre: Action

Director: George Erschbamer
Cast: Lorenzo Lamas
Country: Canada

Like many trilogies the first film is best and subsequent films in the series try to recapture the magic of the first one. While it is true that the first Snake Eater film is the best of the three. The other two are unique in their own right since they diverge if ever so slightly from the first film, but not so much as to lose focus on what makes these films and the Soldier character so much fun. Also these films are best watched in chronological order especially since the first film gives us all the background we need to known about why solider does what he does and the other two films barely retouch his past.

Snake Eater
Jack Kelly (Lorenzo Lamas) who also goes by the name ‘Soldier’ is a former marine who was part of their elite division of specialists known as Snake Eaters. Now retire from the military he has taken his skills into a career in law enforcement where he works as an undercover cop. Soldier is suspended one day from the force for using excessive for during a drug bust and while waiting to be reinstated he decides to go visit his parents and sister. He quickly learns that they have been murdered by a man named Junior who now has Soldier’s sister locked up in a shed where he plans on growing her to be his woman. Solider quickly gets back into the killing mode he was trained for as he sets out to free his sister and kill those responsible for murdering his parents.

Snake Eater II – The Drug Buster
Soldier (Lorenzo Lamas) is trouble once again when he kills four drug dealers during a raid in response to a young girl he knows from the youth center dying of a drug overdose. Soldier’s lawyer gets him sent temporally away to mental facility to see if he was crazy or sane when he committed the four killings. Soldier with the help of Speedboat (Larry B. Scott) sneaks out of the mental facility and continues to rid the streets of scum peddling drugs. One day Soldier is caught trying to sneak out of the mental facility and Speedboat decides to proceed with the mission on his own which only leads to even more trouble. Now in a maximum security padded cell can soldier find a way out to help save his friends life and eliminate the drug pushers once and for all?

Snake Eater III – His Law
Newly reinstated to the police force Soldier (Lorenzo Lamas) once again finds himself in hot water when he kills a robber who is trying to rob a dinner. Suspended with nothing to do Solider is contacted by parents of a young woman who was left traumatized by a group of bikers named Hell’s Furies. Knowing that the law will never punish these men for what they have done to their daughter they hire Soldier to dish justice the only way he knows how. Along the way Solider hooks up with an ex-biker named Cowboy (Minor Mustain) who helps him take out the members of Hell’s Furies one by one.

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