Taboo Tales: 12 Movie Collection 3 x DVD9
Prepare to trip out with the most outlandish and unintentionally hilarious films from the 1930s, 40s and 50s. This three DVD collection of cautionary tales follows the downward spiral of America’s youth as they puff their way through wild parties, jazz music and all the threatening influences of the era! Discover the outrageous insanity lurking around every corner, in this collection of twelve camp classics from the golden age of sinister cinema!

3 x DVD9 | NTSC 4:3 | 14 hr 38 min | 7.13 Gb + 4.55 Gb + 6.60 Gb
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Genre: Drama

This set of twelve camp-classics, many of which deal with the downside of illegal drugs, includes:


Reefer Madness (1936)
This propaganda-style film was produced in the 1930's under the pretext of educating the youth of America about the dangers of smoking marijuana. The story presented to the audience concerns a typical all-American high school couple who are introduced to evils of smoking pot and shows the consequences they suffer because of it. While appearing humorous and dated by today's standard, it is interesting for the viewer to see the prevailing thoughts and attitudes towards marijuana during that period of time.

Delinquent Daughters (1944)
After a local high school girl commits suicide, the authorities begin to investigate the circumstances leading to her death. A police officer begins interviewing the local teens and discovers some hidden secrets behind the activities of some of the local youth. As the officer digs deeper into the case, the more shocking details come to light about some of the good" kids at school.

The Cocaine Fiends (1936)
A young woman gets mixed-up with a smalltime drug pusher, who gets her hooked on cocaine and has her stop waitressing in her mother's cafe and move to the city with him. Her addiction to the drug has brought her to hanging out in a nightclub, living a life of despair. The girl's hoodlum boyfriend ends up getting her younger brother and his girlfriend hooked on the drug too, which leads them into a lifestyle of crime and prostitution. Several incidents lead to a shocking end of events that affect the lives of everyone involved.

Chained for Life (1951)
Employable only as circus performers, Siamese twins Vivian and Dorothy Hamilton live and love in a world not made for them. One is a desperate romantic, the other a cold-blooded killer.
When one of the sisters is charged with murder, it falls upon the court to figure out how to punish the one sister, if convicted, while sparing the other sister.


The Terror of Tiny Town (1938)
A marauding bandit has arrived in the western village of Tiny Town and sets his sights upon the ranch of a beautiful girl. The only thing that stands in the way of this outlaw and his gang is a daring young cowboy, who hopes to organize the townspeople into fighting back against the gang. This seemingly ordinary western is made extraordinary by the fact that the entire cast of this film is composed of midgets, many of them part of the Singer's Midget's troupe that went on to appear as the Munchkins in The Wizard of Oz" the following year.

The Wild and Wicked (1956)
A young girl heads to Hollywood to visit her older sister, with the hopes she can break into the movies. Once arriving, her sister tries to explain the difficulty in making a career in show business, but the younger sister insists she will try it. What ends up happening is the young girl becomes involved in a prostitution ring run by mobsters, which is what her older sister has be doing and tried to keep her sister from finding out.

Test Tube Babies (1948)
A married couple has been trying for years to have a child but find themselves at the end of their patience. A visit to their doctor confirms their worst fears; the husband is sterile and is incapable of fathering a child. The doctor tells the heart-broken couple about a new, radical procedure called artificial insemination, which at the time was considered a scandalous choice.

Mad Youth (1940)
A divorced mother and her teenaged daughter lead equally wild lifestyles. The mother hires gigolos to escort her around town and the daughter hosts drinking and stripping parties while mother is away. Complications come up for mother and daughter when they both find themselves seeing the same man and the daughter ends up falling into a prostitution ring while trying to visit her friend.


The Marijuana Menace (1937)
A group of small-town high school students has taken up the bad habit of smoking marijuana, leading them down a path of hedonistic activities. Their crazed lifestyle has ensnared one vulnerable girl into living a life of destructive behavior. An undercover reporter, disguised as a soda jerk, attempts to befriend the girl and free her from the clutches of the gang.

Sex Madness (1938)
A small-town beauty queen with hopes to make it in the big city faces a serious problem when she is diagnosed with a venereal disease. Forced to work burlesque shows instead of on the Broadway stage, the young woman is told to abstain in order to try and help defeat her illness. Unfortunately, she doesn't follow the doctor's advice, listens to an unreliable doctor and then suffers the disastrous results.

Gambling with Souls (1936)
A young housewife longs for the finer things in life, things she thinks her husband cannot or will not provide her. Looking for some excitement and a way to get the things she wants, the housewife turns to frequenting shady bars and gambling. When the crooked gambling operator cheats the woman into a large debt, he forces her into prostitution to pay off her losses.

She Shoulda' Said "No"! (1940)
A young chorus girl loses a lot in her life when she meets a drug pusher and starts selling marijuana to earn extra cash. After her arrest, a cop offers her a dangerous chance at redemption.

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