That Sinking Feeling 1979
This delightful film, released before Gregory's Girl and Local Hero, reveals director Bill Forsyth's consistency in making the most out of modest narratives about authentic characters in everyday situations.

Set in Glasgow, this story focuses on several down-and-out teenage boys who can't find work and barely can get enough to eat. Ronnie (Robert Buchanan), the most philosophical of the group, exclaims, "There's got to be something more to life than committing suicide."
He comes up with a scheme to rob a local plumber's warehouse of 90 stainless steel sinks. This isn’t going to be easy though.

The BFI have restored the original Glaswegian dialogue (a blander version was subsequently dubbed over to appease Stateside ears) and added a generous slab of extras, including several of Forsyth’s early shorts as director and as actor.

Director: Bill Forsyth
Cast: Tom Mannion, Eddie Burt, Richard Demarco
Country: UK
Genre: Comedy

• Presented in both High Definition and Standard Definition
• New Audio Commentary with Bill Forsyth and Mark Kermode
• Interview with actor Robert Buchanan (Douglas Weir, 2014, 20 mins)
• "Kermode Uncut" (2012, 9 mins): film critic Mark Kermode discusses the budget for That Sinking Feeling with Bill Forsyth
• "KH-4" (John Schorstein, 1969, 13 mins): a young artist (Forsyth) struggles to seek inspiration from a slowly crumbing cityscape
• "Mirror" (John Schorstein, 1970, 30 mins): a young would-be writer (Forsyth) searches the street of Glasgow for his missing girlfriend
• "Glasgow 1980" (Oscar Marzaroli, 1971, 30 mins ): documentary, edited by Bill Forsyth, promoting the proposed development of Glasgow in the 1970s
• "Islands of the West" (Bill Forsyth, 1972, 30 mins): promoting the scenic beauty of the Scottish Hebrides
• "Bill Forsyth's Lifetime Achievement Film" (Bill Forsyth, 2009, 7 mins): short acceptance film made for BAFTA
• Optional alternative dubbed dialogue track

DVD9 | PAL 4:3 | 01:26:52 | 7.90 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: English

BD50 | 1080p AVC | 01:30:29 | 44.7 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: English

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