The Advocates (1991) 2 x DVD5
Set in Edinburgh, the series contrasts the high powered and respectable world of the lawyers and advocates of the Scottish legal profession, with the sleazy and deadly existence of the city s pimps, prostitutes and drug addicts.
When a young prostitute is murdered by a deadly drug overdose, only Doctor Joe Sangster, who has been treating her at the local health clinic, suspects foul play. In the growing climate of fear over drugs and aids in the city, his clinic faces closure due to a local campaign.
He turns to Greg McDowell for help, and the young lawyer sees the chance to make a name for himself.

2 x DVD5 | PAL 4:3 | 6 x 50min | 4.20 Gb + 4.20 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Genre: Crime, Drama

Director: Peter Barber-Fleming
Cast: Isla Blair, Michael Byrne, Ewan Stewart, Stella Gonet, Hugh Ross
Country: UK


Episode 1:
A doctor seeks legal help to prove a young prostitute was murdered.

Episode 2:
Greg's investigation of Julie Tate's death puts him in danger; Dr. Sangster learns of a drug operation; Katherine collapses.

Episode 3:
Katherine learns there is a leak within the practice; Joss confesses wrongdoing to his father; the drug kingpin is nabbed.

Episode 4:
Greg defends a man who changes his plea to not guilty after confessing to the murder of his wife.

Episode 5:
The establishment wants McCandlish to go free, but Greg is unconvinced of his innocence.

Episode 6:
Greg discovers the serial killer's identity, which could convict McCandlish and hurt Sarah.

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