The Alejandro Jodorowsky Collection
Some pundits along the way have said that there's a very fine line between being a visionary and being a madman, and it may be at least arguable that no contemporary filmmaker has blurred that line so vigorously (and most likely intentionally) as has Alejandro Jodorowsky. Just listing some of Jodorowsky's other activities in addition to his filmmaking may give some indication of both of the characteristics listed above, at least in terms of how the combination of them all being done by one person might be perceived by outsiders as indicating both visionary and mad aspects. Jodorowsky at various points in his long life has been a puppeteer, a composer, a mime, a writer of comics, a therapist and a self- described mystic with a penchant for magical realist and/or surrealist thinking.

Jodorowky first came to at least some prominence on the global cinema scene with El Topo in 1970, though Fando y Lis, also included in this set, preceded it by two years, causing more than a bit of a scandal upon its release, including being rather quickly banned in Mexico after its debut, something that probably kept it from greater renown at the time. El Topo at least managed to screen internationally, including in New York City, where it caught the attention of none other than John Lennon, who convinced Apple executive Allen Klein to fund further Jodorowsky efforts. This set also aggregates two other films from Jodorowsky, including 1973's The Holy Mountain (one result of Klein's financing efforts), which, like El Topo, has had a previous release on Blu-ray. Bookending the never before released Fando y Lis, the first feature length film from Jodorowsky, is Psychomagic, A Healing Art, Jodorowsky's most recent effort from 2019.

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Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Drama, Western, Documentary

Fando y Lis

Jodorowsky’s first feature, Fando y Lis, tells of young Fando and his paraplegic sweetheart Lis’s journey through a series of surreal scenarios to find the enchanted city of Tar.


-- Audio Commentary by Alejandro Jodorowsky

-- Jodorowky Remembers Fando y Lis (1080p; 10:31) features a 2019 interview with Jodorowsky. This is in English, but comes with optional subtitles.

-- An Introduction to Fando y Lis by Richard Pena (1080p; 8:54) features the Professor of Film Studies from Columbia university in a good overview, including the probable need to let any rational analyses of the film fall by the wayside.

-- La Cravate (1080p; 21:20) is Jodorowsky's 1957 short culled from a Thomas Mann source called The Transposed Heads.

-- La Constellation Jodorowsky (1080i; 1:26:36) is a documentary by Louis Mouchet featuring interviews with Jean 'Moebius' Giraud and Peter Gabriel. In French with English subtitles.

-- Re-Release Trailer (1080p; 1:17)

-- Image Galleries

El Topo

An 'acid-western' packed with vivid imagery, El Topo stars Jodorowsky as a master-gunfighter who duels with four sharp-shooting adversaries on his journey across a desert dreamscape.


-- Film presentation in both 1.85:1 and 1.33:1 original theatrical aspect ratios for the first time.

-- English Dub Version (1080p; 2:04:58) is in DTS-HD Master Audio Mono (and the 1.37:1 aspect ratio).

-- Audio Commentary by Alejandro Jodorowsky

-- Jodorowsky Remembers El Topo (1080p; 12:56) features a 2019 interview with Jodorowsky. This is in English, but comes with optional subtitles.

-- An Introduction to El Topo by Richard Pena (1080p; 9:31) features the Professor of Film Studies from Columbia university in a good overview, including how El Topo helped to put Jodorowsky on the map for such people as John Lennon.

-- A Conversation with the Son of El Topo (1080p; 19:26) is an interview with Jodorowsky's son Brontis, who was the (naked) little boy in the film.

-- The Father of Midnight Movies (1080p; 6:58) is an archival interview with Jodorowsky from 2007.

-- Original Trailer (1080p; 4:16)

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The Holy Mountain

In The Holy Mountain, Jodorowsky plays The Alchemist, a guru who guides a troupe of pilgrims on a quest to ascend the Holy Mountain in search of spiritual enlightenment.


-- Audio Commentary by Alejandro Jodorowsky

-- Jodorowky Remembers The Holy Mountain (1080p; 14:07) features a 2019 interview with Jodorowsky. This is in English, but comes with optional subtitles.

-- An Introduction to The Holy Mountain by Richard Pena (1080p; 10:51) features the Professor of Film Studies from Columbia university in a good overview, including some of the conflict with Allen Klein that hobbled Jodorowsky's film career.

-- Pablo Leder: Jodorowky's Right Hand Man (1080p; 20:25) features Jodorowsky's personal assistant reminiscing about acting in El Topo and The Holy Mountain as well as his relationship with Jodorowsky. In Spanish with English subtitles.

-- The A to Z of The Holy Mountain (1080p; 28:38) is a video essay by Ben Cobb, where Cobb goes through the alphabet, assigning different meanings to each of the letters in terms of relationships to the film, e.g., "A is for Arseholes and Alchemy".

-- Deleted Scenes (1080p; 5:39) feature commentary by Jodorowsky.

-- Outtakes (1080p; 25:04) features what is advertised as newly discovered material culled from archival elements. These are silent.

-- The Tarot (1080p; 7:52) is a short with Jodorowky discussing the engimatic precursor to our contemporary decks of cards. In Spanish with English subtitles.

-- Original Trailer (1080p; 2:41)

-- Animated Script Gallery (1080p; 4:06)

-- Image Galleries

Psychomagic, A Healing Art

Jodorowsky's new cinematic experience, Psychomagic, A Healing Art, explores the directors’ radical therapeutic work.


-- Trailer (1080p; 1:49)

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