The Films Of Marjorie Keller
In her brief life, Marjorie Keller (1950-1994) made nearly thirty films in her own distinctive cinematic voice. From her earliest efforts in the late 1960s, Marjorie was attracted to film’s potential to portray the complexity of private events and personal relationships, mostly in response to family life. Her gestural and vivid camerawork, along with an intricate approach to poetic editing, created a body of work that is unsurpassed in its intimacy and conveyance of feelings and concerns.

Marjorie's subjects included her old family house, young women friends, childhood fantasy figures, lovers, siblings, teenage girls, her parents, and her husband. Issues sprang naturally from sharing her life with the people and places that she knew, and their range is astonishing: childbirth, sexuality, memory, the cultural roles women, political activism, the sensuality of daily objects, urban survival, rural pleasures and the values of classical tradition. While deeply influential on both feminist art and the culture of personal experimental filmmaking, Marjorie’s art exists beyond categorization or reductive explanation. It is alive with multiple, often-contradictory meaning and remains a personal experience.

Marjorie Keller wrote: "The current art of the film deranges its predecessors... It is in the work of women filmmakers of the avant-garde that the old forms are seen as if through an anamorphic lens." Her films honor and challenge the traditions that she assumed when she learned filmmaking from Saul Levine, Sidney Peterson, and Stan Brakhage. Keller consistently explored the political implications of daily living and personal pleasures in her films, ten of which are available in this DVD collection.

2 x DVD5 | NTSC 4:3 | 177 min | 4.11 Gb + 3.61 Gb + 3% rec
Language: none, English
Subtitles: none
Genre: Documentary, Experimental


-- She/Va (1973) 16mm, color, 3 min
-- Objection (1974) 16mm, color, 18.25 min
-- Misconception (1977) 16mm, color, 43 min
-- Ancient Parts/Foreign Parts (1979) 16mm, black and white, 5 min
-- Daughters of Chaos (1980) 16mm, color, 19.5 min


-- The Fallen World (1983) 16mm, color, 9.5 min
-- The Answering Furrow (1985) 16mm, color, 27 min
-- Private Parts (1988) 16mm, color, 12.75 min
-- Herein (1991) 16mm, color, 35 min
-- Part IV: Green Hill (no date) 16mm, color, 3 min

Download The Films Of Marjorie Keller: Volume 1 (1973-1980), Volume 2 (1983-1991) 2 x DVD5:



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