The Keep 1983
A one-of-a-kind gothic thriller, The Keep combines elements of horror, romance and the supernatural, in a World War II setting.

There is a secret buried deep within the walls of the keep, an ancient mystic shrine in the Carpathian Alps of Romania. It is an Evil so long contained that it has since been forgotten. It is an Evil more vile than the World War II German troops who have unwittingly released it, having violated the mausoleum. But there is a Man, a Man who has risen from a forgotten age who can stop the growing demon...

Though it has a semblance of a link to real world events (World War II), The Keep is completely unlike every other film Mann has made in that it explicitly deals with the fantastical. This is a horror movie rife with demonic spirits, seemingly ancient evil and mysterious figures with supernatural abilities. Just about the only way in which it feels anything like another Mann film is in the presence of actor Robert Prosky and a Tangerine Dream score popping up to provide moody atmospherics in the way only Tangerine Dream can.

Director: Michael Mann
Cast: Scott Glenn, Ian McKellen, Alberta Watson, Jurgen Prochnow, Robert Prosky, Gabriel Byrne, William Morgan Sheppard
Country: USA
Genre: Action, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Thriller, War

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Language: English
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