The King of Kings 1927
DeMille once said "Give me any two pages of the Bible and I'll give you a picture." For this picture he used significantly more than two pages, and created more than just a picture, he crafted an epic.

The film is the story of the last weeks of Jesus' life. It follows Jesus' as he cure the blind and makes the lame walk again, shows the last supper, and finally the crucifiction and resurrection. It is told in a reverent but still entertaining fashion. Most, but not all, of the intertitles are actual quotes from the Bible, with the passage noted. DeMille was careful to make his movie entertaining, without straying too much from the source material, though he does stray a bit for the sake of making the movie a little more intriguing.

This film is filled with spectacles and grandeur. There is a chariot pulled by zebras, lavish sets and the proverbial cast of thousands. The Technicolor sections (especially the resurrection) and video effects make the film visually interesting too. But the masterful part of the DeMille's production is that he doesn't turn the story of Christ into a special effects spectacle...he keeps the story reverent and tasteful. From the simple mending of a child's toy, to the raising of Lazarus, DeMille is able to make Christ both majestic and humble.

Director: Cecil B. DeMille
Cast: H.B. Warner, Dorothy Cumming, Ernest Torrence, Joseph Schildkraut
Country: USA
Genre: Biography, Drama, History

BD50 + DB25 | 1080p AVC | 02:40:23 + 01:55:35 | 42.9 Gb + 20.2 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English intertitles
Subtitles: Francais

New edition from restored copies, including:
- the film - long version (1927)
- the film - short version (1928)
- many rare and unpublished bonuses
- filming secrets

Video Bonus:
-- Deleted scenes
-- The restoration of Technicolor
-- Photo gallery
-- Film premiere in Germany
-- Historical documents
-- Coloring on film
-- "Pathe Week on Broadway" (1927)
-- Negative A / Negative B