Strawberry Statement 1970
The film about the 1968 Columbia University takeover of the school's administration building by the students and of the National Guardsmen storming the building in a brutal confrontation with students. It's based on the novel "The Strawberry Statement: Notes of a College Revolutionary" by James Simon Kunen, a 20-year-old Columbia University student who kept a diary of the unrest.

The film focuses on an awkward student named Simon who’s a member of his university’s rowing team along with his friend, Elliot. Neither of them have any interest in politics but Simon’s outlook begins to change after a cute girl named Linda (Kim Darby) catches his eye while he’s filming the student demonstrations on campus. Afterward Simon slowly becomes more and more involved in the student movement and their efforts to occupy campus buildings until their demands are met...

2 x DVD5 | NTSC | 01:41:52 + 01:48:36 | 4.15 Gb + 4.11 Gb
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Genre: Drama, Romance

Director: Stuart Hagmann
Cast: Bruce Davison, Kim Darby, Bud Cort
Country: USA

*The Film - US Theatrical Version
Theatrical Trailer

*The Film - Extended International Version

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