Utvandrarna / The Emigrants (1971) DVD9
Based on a pair of novels by Vilhelm Moberg, Jan Troell’s 3-hour epic follows a Swedish family of farmers (and assorted other family members and villagers) as they make the arduous journey to the promised land of America.
In 1840s Smaland, a large province in Sweden, we’re introduced to Karl Oskar Nilsson (Max von Sydow). When his father is incapacitated, Karl Oskar takes over the small family lot and marries a local girl, Kristina (Liv Ullmann). His brother, Robert (Eddie Axberg), starts working for a landowner who regularly beats and berates him, but at least he finds a friend in Arvid (Pierre Lindstedt), another poor soul who has no choice but to work for the mean-spirited man. Times are hard; crops fail for several years and people are starving. Eventually, America is discussed as an option; Robert has been dreaming about this place of milk and honey for a long time and a group of evangelicals starts viewing the new land as an escape from the oppressive Swedish authorities. Karl Oskar, Kristina and their children join Robert, Arvid and the evangelicals for a dangerous journey across the Atlantic...

DVD9 | PAL 16:9 | 03:03:38 | 6.97 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Svenska
Subtitles: English, Svenska, Norsk, Dansk
Genre: Drama

Director: Jan Troell
Cast: Max von Sydow, Liv Ullmann, Eddie Axberg, Sven-Olof Bern
Country: Sweden

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