Wagon Tracks 1919
Wagon Tracks features one of the biggest screen stars of the day, William S. Hart, mainly known for his cowboy films, but here dressed entirely in buckskins (and named "Buckskin Hamilton").

He's about to lead a wagon train on the Santa Fe Trail, and is preparing to meet a steamer full of passengers. On that steamer is his younger brother, whom Buckskin raised and sent to medical school. Unfortunately, a lowdown gambler named Washburn (Robert McKim) and his sidekick (Lloyd Bacon) have killed the brother, and have blamed it on Washburn's sister, Jane (Jane Novak).

On the trail, Jane sees how upstanding and gentle Buckskin really is -- singing a baby to sleep, giving his ration of water to his horse and dogs -- and decides to tell him the truth. He walks the two villains out into the desert, determined to get them to admit their wrongdoing. Meanwhile, one of the whites has shot an Indian, and the rest of the tribe demands retribution; someone must die, or the travelers will suffer a full-scale attack.

Director: Lambert Hillyer
Cast: William S. Hart, Jane Novak, Robert McKim, Lloyd Bacon
Country: USA
Country: Western, Silent

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Language: English intertitles
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