Huang Weikai was born in 1972 in Guangdong Province, China. He studied Chinese painting for 15 years and graduated from the Chinese Art Department of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. He used to work as a cinema promoter, art editor, graphic designer, movie script writer and cameraman. Since 2002, he has been directing independent films. His 2009 found-footage documentary, Disorder has been acclaimed as “One of the most mesmerizing films I’ve seen in ages” by Hua Hsu in The Atlantic for its unflinching look at the absurdity and anarchy of urban life in contemporary China.

Filmmaker Huang Weikai patches together footage from amateur videographers to reveal an incredible portrait of modern-day China, in which citizens fight to keep up with the pace of a modernizing society while encountering strange, comical, and frightening complications. Showcasing oddities like public suicide threats, animals roaming through busy traffic or invading supermarkets, ugly pollution, and more, the film depicts a nation alive with both progress and chaos.

DVD9 | NTSC 4:3 | 01:00:30 + 01:37:16 | 6.71 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Chinese
Subtitles: English hardcoded
Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Disorder (Xianshi Shi Guoqu de Weilai)

Huang Weikai's one-of-a-kind news documentary captures, with remarkable freedom, the anarchy, violence, and seething anxiety animating China's major cities today. As urbanization in China advances at a breakneck pace, Chinese cities teeter on the brink of mayhem. One man dances in the middle of traffic while another attempts to jump from a bridge before dozens of onlookers. Pigs run wild on a highway while dignitaries swim in a polluted river. Unshowable on China's heavily controlled television networks, Disorder reveals an emerging underground media, one that has the potential to truly capture the ground-level upheaval of Chinese society.
Huang Weikai collects footage from a dozen amateur videographers and weaves them into a unique symphony of urban social dysfunction. Huang shatters and reconstructs a world that's barely comprehensible, though with palpable energy - vibrant, dangerous, and terrifying.

Floating (Piao)

Yang is a vagrant singer from China's rural Henan region: he earns his living by singing in the subways of urban business centers. Everyday he brings with him his temporary residency card and identification to avoid being detained by local police. In order to keep his work, he bribes the security guards in charge of the subways, deals circuitously with city workers, and squeezes out other street artists. From time to time, many of his busking friends are detained by local police and repatriated back home, only to return to the city and continue their drifting life. Yang, in the thirtieth year of his life, considers going back to his hometown to marry his first girlfriend, while old and new lovers make his life even more chaotic. Eventually he is caught by local police while singing, detained, and finally sent back home.

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