3:10 to Yuma 1957
Dan Evans is a farmer struggling to hold onto his land and livelihood during a severe drought. He finds a financial solution for himself and his family when he is offered a large sum of money to secretly escort Ben Wade, the captured leader of an outlaw gang, to a nearby town and place him on board a train that will carry him to trial in Yuma. The two men hole up in a hotel near the station where the smooth-talking Wade tries to mentally and emotionally manipulate his captor into letting him go. Meanwhile, Wade's gang is fast approaching the town where a final showdown between Evans and the outlaws is imminent.

An offbeat Western whose tense psychological game could have been played out as easily in any crime drama set in a modern city, 3:10 to Yuma (1957) is one of the best from a director who helped redefine the Western genre in the 1950s. In his 50-year career, Daves racked up credits as actor, writer, producer and director of every type of film Hollywood ever produced, but he did his best and most memorable work in Westerns. Along with a handful of films by other directors notably High Noon (1952), to which 3:10 to Yuma bears some striking similarities Delmer Daves ushered in a new era by introducing new elements into an established genre. These included a contemporary, psychological approach to characterizations, a breakdown in romantic stereotypes, and moral ambiguity replacing a clear cut distinction between the good guy and the bad guy.

Director: Delmer Daves
Cast: Glenn Ford, Van Heflin, Felicia Farr, Leora Dana, Henry Jones, Richard Jaeckel, Robert Emhardt, Sheridan Comerate, George Mitchell, Robert Ellenstein, Ford Rainey
Country: USA
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Western

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Language: English, Francais, Deutsch, Italiano, Espanol
Subtitles: English, Francais, Deutsch, Italiano, Espanol, Nederlands, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech(Ceske), Dansk, Suomi, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Magyar, Islenska, Norsk, Polish, Portugues, Svenska, Turkish

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Elmore Leonard - in this new video interview, writer Elmore Leonard recalls how he sold his first story which was filmed by Delmer Daves. Mr. Leonard also discusses the cast of 3:10 to Yuma, some of the dilemmas the main characters face, and the differences between the original film and James Mangold's remake. The interview was conducted exclusively for Criterion at Mr. Leonard's home in Detroit in 2013. In English, not subtitled. (13 min, 1080p).

Peter Ford - in this new video interview, Peter Ford, son of actor Glenn Ford and author of the definitive biography Glenn Ford: A Life, discusses the life and legacy of his father. The interview was conducted exclusively for Criterion in Los Angeles in 2013. In English, not subtitled. (16 min, 1080p).