A l'aventure / An Adventure (2008) DVD
He has been both hailed and condemned as the most notorious filmmaker working in Europe today . And for this third movie in his controversial trilogy on female sexuality, writer/director Jean-Claude Brisseau (THE EXTERMINATING ANGELS, SECRET THINGS) takes you to the outermost edges of passion and transgression. Carole Brana stars as a sexually unfulfilled young woman who embarks on a series of forbidden encounters fueled by hypnosis, desire and complete intellectual and carnal surrender. How far would you go to find the ultimate erotic ecstasy? Etienne Chicot (THE DA VINCI CODE), Lise Bellynck and Estelle Galarme co-star in this startlingly provocative exploration of the female orgasm that continues to shock and seduce audiences around the world.

DVD9 | PAL 4:3 | 01:39:13 | 5.88 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Francais
Subtitles: English
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Director: Jean-Claude Brisseau
Cast: Carole Brana, Arnaud Binard, Nadia Chibani
Country: France

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