Abigail Clayton Triple Feature: Dixie (1976), Love Lips (1976), Hot Cookies (1977) DVD9
Dixie (1976, 54mins. )
Abigail Clayton's porn debut is a monumental erotic masterpiece. She plays Dixie, a 15 year old still discovering her own sexuality but shuttled between her older sisters. Margaret is super straight but Mimi Morgan as Pamela is a hooker preoccupied with her own situation. This is hard to top for the ever popular 'naive young girl learns about sex' crowd.
However, Abigail was over eighteen when DIXIE was made.
Director: Steve Brown
Cast: Abigail Clayton, Spring Finlay (as Candy Redding), Judy DeWitt, Mimi Morgan (as Louise McMurry), John Seeman (as Bob Stern), David Book, John Leslie, Ken Scudder (as Kenneth Darwin), Norman Osaka, Turk Lyon

Love Lips (1976, 88mins. )
A mysterious wheelchair bound man brings a group of strangers together for an unknown purpose. Hilariously bizarre dialog makes this film a treasure for cult porn fans!
Director: Dale J. Martin
Cast: Abigail Clayton, Anne Nevens, Brook Peters, C. Osborne, Debbie Lordan, Desiree West, Diane Corcoran, Indira Mahal, J. Hutcheson, Laurien Dominique, Jack Wright, Joey Silvera, John Seeman, Ken Scudder, Turk Lyon

Hot Cookies (1977, 70mins. )
Do not be fooled by the title. At first glance, it might seen to be just another run-of-the-mill teeny exploitation tease. But actually, this film was made by the folks who brought you "Honeypie" and "Sweet Cakes", and is a solid takeoff on Rod Serling's "Night Gallery". The special visitors to Nelson's Book Store see backroom paintings come to life. The sexy sorceress Serena causes more than the vignettes to occur here.
Director: Howard Ziehm (as Albert Wilder)
Cast: Abigail Clayton, Serena, Anne Magle (as Anna Karenya), Isolde Jensen, Lenore Grant, Moira Donovan, Bill Chambers, Henry Lambert, Joey Silvera, Ken Scudder, Rich Johnson

DVD9 | NTSC 4:3 | 212 minutes | 7.88 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Genre: Adult

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