And Then There Were None 2015
1939. Eight people receive invitations from the mysterious U.N. Owen and his wife to join them on Soldier Island. Arriving, they find a large house but only two servants. Nobody has met or knows who U.N. Owen is. It is discovered that all of them have been brought there on different pretexts from the belief that they had come to take up a job to that they were to meet an old friend. As they sit down to dinner, a gramophone record plays, announcing that each of them is guilty of murder. They all deny this but as cracks appear, it becomes apparent that the accusation is true. One by one, they meet grisly fates, which seems to match up with the lyrics of a popular poem. With each murder, one of the ten soldier statuettes on the dinner table disappears. Is someone else on the island, or is one of the guests something other than they seem?
Based on the bestselling crime novel of all time by Agatha Christie.

2 x DVD9 | NTSC 16:9 | 177 minutes | 5.87 Gb + 6.71 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Director: Craig Viveiros
Cast: Maeve Dermody, Charles Dance, Toby Stephens
Country: UK


-- And Then There Was Something: The Making of And Then There Were None (43:07): This is the best of the extras, providing a comprehensive overview of the production from the table read in July 2015 through various phases of production. The cast are interviewed, along with director Craig Viveiros, writer Sarah Phelps, DP John Pardue and various producers, including Christie's grandson, Mathew Prichard, Hilary Strong of Agatha Christie Productions and Abi Bach.

-- On Agatha Christie (19:53): A lengthy opening segment with Sarah Phelps repeats much of her interview included in "And Then There Was Something". The same applies to Mathew Prichard, whose comments from the previous featurette are replicated with a few additions. New comments about Christie are included from DP John Pardue, production designer Sophie Brecher, producer Abi Booth and members of the cast.

-- On Bringing And Then There Were None to Life with Sarah Phelps (14:54): The first half of this featurette offers new material, but the second half consists almost entirely of comments already heard in the two previous extras.

-- Photo Gallery (1:15): Behind-the-scenes photos.

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