Deadtime Stories 1986
Your wildest nightmares come to life. You will pray for the morning comes!

Poor little Brian (Brian DePersia) can't get to sleep. Terrified of the monsters in his closet or the ones living under his bed, he's too frightened to close his eyes. It falls on his babysitting uncle Mike (Michael Mesmer) to tell the tiny tot a story or two to get him to sleep. Rather than telling the child about traditional fairy tales, Mike's got his own spin on a trio of classic tales about a boy named Peter (Scott Valentine) and some witches, Red Riding Hood (Nicole Picard) and a werewolf named Willie (Matt Mitler), and a young girl named Goldi Lox (Cathryn de Prume) who joins the criminal Baer family headed by the devilishly lethal MaMa (Melissa Leo). Needless to say, Brian isn't going to be getting much sleep thanks to dear Uncle Mike!

BD50 + DVD9 | 1080p AVC, NTSC | 01:22:38 | 33.9 Gb + 7.18 Gb
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Genre: Comedy, Horror

Director: Jeffrey Delman
Cast: Scott Valentine, Nicole Picard, Matt Mitler
Country: USA


-- Audio Commentary: Director and Co-Writer Jeffrey Delman delivers a pretty great solo commentary track. From the get go the man is full of trivia and tidbits that fans of the film will eat up. It's especially great when he goes into detail about the gore effects and how they were achieved.

-- A Band of Gypsies: The Making of 'Deadtime Stories': (HD 15:35) Goldi Lox actress Cathryn DePrume, Mama Baer actress Melissa Leo, and actor Scott Valentine offer up some pretty terrific stories about working on the film, getting the part, and working on some of their earliest roles.

-- Jeffrey Delman Interview: (HD 15:42) Delman offers up a more simplified version of what he detailed in his commentary track, but it's still a pretty terrific interview.

-- Original Black Forest Short Film: (SD 29:49) This is the original version of Peter and the witches story that was later reshot for the film. This version was at one time intended to be a feature-length version or something close to it. This is from a tape master and is in fairly decent shape. It's interesting to see where this original version aimed to go with the story and it could have been made longer into a full feature, but it's plot structure as written really works better in the shortened version scene in the film.

-- Red Riding Hood Alternate Opening: (SD 2:32) This is the original opening of the short before the producers wanted a more racy opening.

-- Trailer Reel: (HD 3:12)

-- Photo Gallery: (HD 4:14)